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Claire Piredda was born in Montreal, Canada in 1963. A versatile artist, she studied painting at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts and sculpture at the city’s Temple University Tyler School of Art while also attending the Costume & Fashion Academy.

Piredda’s sculptures in unglazed terracotta of truncated busts and small-scale figures range in color from dull ocher to red. Harking back to the naturalism of the 18th-century French school of sculpture, Piredda exploits to the full the versatility of her material. With skill and delicacy, she pulls and pinches life from her raw clay, creating expressive, meditative works that remain hauntingly tender.



claire piredda, fotografi a roma, sofia podestà

Gilberte, Claire Piredda

Due di noi, Claire Piredda

fotografo a roma

Nefertilda, Claire Piredda

Nereide, Claire Piredda

Oceanina, Claire Piredda

Naiade, Claire Piredda

Tienimi, Claire Piredda

Andreina, Claire Piredda

Lu, Claire Piredda

Elif, Claire Piredda

Augusta, Claire Piredda

Alla finestra, Claire Piredda

Thoughts meander, Claire Piredda

Say nothing, Claire Piredda

Ottilia, Claire Piredda

La soglia, Claire Piredda

claire piredda

Cadette, Claire Piredda

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