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Lucianella Cafagna was born in Rome in 1968. She studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and subsequently spent a period training in the studio of Pierre Carron, a protégé of Balthus. In 2011, Cafagna took part in the 54th Venice International Art Biennale with a life-size work exhibited in the Italian Pavilion, while in 2019, Rome’s prestigious museum Palazzo Merulana held a retrospective of her work. In November-December 2022, the same museum invited the artist back for a second exhibition to mark the centenary of the birth of Italian director and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini.

​Childhood and adolescence are recurrent themes in Cafagna’s art, which blends the formal elegance of traditional training with a trajectory into the contemporary world. Art critics have highlighted her ability to evoke a sense of timeless suspension, her subjects hovering between memory and oblivion as poignant reminders of our evanescence.



lucianella cafagna

La seggia, Lucianella Cafagna

Roma, Lucianella Cafagna

The Hole, Lucianella Cafagna

lucianella cafagna

Tiberina, Lucianella Cafagna

lucianella cafagna

Jo, Lucianella Cafagna

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