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Rossi & Gasperini | Transparency, Bronzes | April 2016

Time & Location

Vernissage | April 21st and 22nd 2016 | 6PM – 10PM

Duration April 21st – May 7th 2016

RvB ARTS, Via delle Zoccolette 28, Roma

RvB Arts e Antiquariato Valligiano present the personal exhibitions

Transparency – VERA ROSSI



The exhibit will run until Saturday 7 May
shop hours; closed Sunday and Monday

Organizer and Curator: Michele von Büren


RvB Arts is proud to present the new photographic works of Milanese photographer Vera Rossi and the bronze sculptures of Roman artist Gianlorenzo Gasperini.

Born in Milan in 1968, Vera Rossi has been photographing nature, still lifes and works of art since 1996. Rossi’s work plays with the concept of transparency. Windows and vases are the subject matter of many of her photographs as she examines the way natural elements, such as flowers, trees, grass and sky, are seen through the delicate ‘lens’ of the transparent glass. By presenting the viewer with a ‘filtered’ view of the outside world, Rossi also explores the nature of time and perception. Her research extends to her use of medium, her preferred printing support being plexiglass.

Born in Civitavecchia in Italy in 1967, Gianlorenzo Gasperini is a graduate of Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts where he specialized in sculpture. From 2001 to 2012, large-scale, bronze sculptures by Gasperini were on permanent display at the Opera Gallery in New York. Gasperini’s sculptures possess a distinct sense of line and movement while exploring the theme of balance and equilibrium. Bronzes is the first exhibition to bring together such a large collection of the artist’s works.

RvB Arts is a Rome gallery specializing in affordable, original contemporary painting, sculpture and photography by young, emerging artists. It organizes exhibitions and events throughout the year in its permanent galleries at Via delle Zoccolette 28 and Via Giulia 198. With many of its artists winning awards, participating in such prestigious events as the Venice Biennale and moving quickly out of the ‘affordable’ bracket, RvB Arts is building a strong reputation for scouting new talent.

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Via Giulia 13
00186, Rome, Italy

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