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Sicioldr | At the threshold | November 2019


Vernissage | November 8th 2019 | 6PM – 8PM

Duration November 8th – December 3rd 2019

RvB ARTS, Via delle Zoccolette 28, Roma

About the Exhibition

Sicioldr At the Threshold
Rome gallery RvB Arts is proud to present At The Threshold, the solo exhibition of sought-after young Italian artist ALESSANDRO SICIOLDR.

Born in 1990 in Tarquinia, Sicioldr has generated international interest with his haunting, visionary artwork and remarkable technical skills. The thirteen new oil paintings that comprise this exhibit contain all the elements that make Sicioldr’s work instantly recognizable.

Sicioldr began drawing and painting under the guidance of his father, himself a noted artist. A fascination with pigments and painting-supports led Sicioldr to Cennino Cennini’sIl Libro dell’Arte (The Craftsman’s Handbook), the famous guide to 15th-century methods of painting and the great masters’ secrets and techniques, subsequently adopted by Sicioldr in his own work.

Sicioldr opens the door to the exploration of the imagination and the unconscious, questioning the concept of an impassable boundary and an unfathomable limit: crossing them, one enters a parallel dimension animated by symbolic, archetypal creatures.

Many of the cultural references that appear to be evident in Sicioldr’s work are spread over several centuries and traditions – from the hellish bedlam of Bosch to the follies and ghosts of Grünewald, from a Flemish sensibility in the rendering of light, to Böcklin’s suspended and evocative atmospheres, the dreamlike compositions of Redon, and the poetic, psychoanalytical visions and inventions of Ernst. Sicioldr freely mixes and re-elaborates influences from different currents, such as symbolism and surrealism, cloaking them with an aura that is medieval, archaic and in some ways primitive.

But these references carry no precise message; instead Sicioldr’s images emanate from the imagination and the whims of a fertile subconscious… His paintings, like dreams, lend themselves to different interpretations, depending on the sensitivity of the observer. Whatever the reaction, no- one can remain untouched by these creatures: the artist seems to exhort us to take a position, to “feel” his work, which is nothing less than Sicioldr’s unconscious, filtered and sublimated through painting.

Art Critic Luisa Grigoletto

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Via Giulia 13
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